5 Things To Know About Tiled Roof Repairs

Tiled roof repairs and roof maintenance can be a daunting task. Especially when you have no idea what to do, what price to expect or what contractor is needed. Here are 5 things we think you should know about tiled roof repairs:

tiled roof repairs

1. Tiled Roof Repairs Are Cheaper Than Replacements

If the damage or roof leak is minor, a repair will cost significantly less than a replacement. A roof replacement should not be your first option unless completely necessary. Or, if you have the funds and it is a process you WANT to do. However, if the roof structure is severely damaged or leaking then a roof replacement is required. Hence, the importance of roof maintenance.

2. Tiled Roof Repairs Are A Skilled Trade

As much as people like to think they can repair or replace damaged roofs, we wouldn’t recommend it as a DIY project. You could do more damage than good if you attempt it yourself. Additionally, there are major safety risks involved behind climbing onto a roof when it is not a task you do everyday.

3. It May Not Be Your Roof Tiles

If you think you need a tile roof repair because you have a leak, it may not be the tiles at all but rather your roof ridges. Often roof ridges are poorly waterproofed with cheap cement and paint found at your nearest hardware. This is not what roof repairs should consist of. The roof leak can also be caused from your gutters. Either your gutters are blocked or they need maintenance as well.

4. Waterproofing Products Used For Your Roof Repairs

Most waterproofing products available at hardwares and DIY stores aren’t designed to provide long term solutions for your roof. If you find your contractor is using products you see in your nearest hardware, we recommend you question them.

5. Ask For A Repair Guarantee

Tiled roof repairs should come with a minimum 1 year guarantee. If the roof repair contractor is not comfortable with issuing guarantees, we recommend you find a roof repair contractor who is willing to provide you with a guarantee.

We hope this will help you the next time you need a roof repair! If you ever need any advice regarding your roof, our team are always on hand to assist you where possible.

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