Our Partnership With Aquagard


Aquagard. A brand name synonymous with quality waterproofing products since 1990. The Napier family has been involved with waterproofing manufacturing since 1973 and contracting in roofing and waterproofing since 1976. Now, if that doesn’t impress you then we don’t know what will. As an approved applicator in South Africa, we are proud to specify their products on our damp proofing projects and roof repair projects.

More About Aquagard

Aquagard’s product range has been formulated to offer durable solutions against damp, rust and other water ingress issues. They are one of the most affordable waterproofing product manufacturers that offer more value than you will get anywhere else.

Aquagard not only has a range of products which are tried and tested, but of course has the technical expertise to back up the products. This includes on site surveys to ascertain which products are most suitable for the job, writing of specifications and training.

We love working with Aquagard due to their fast response, affordable products and all round value for money services. We are PROUD to be Aquagard Approved Applicators.


Aquagard Applicator