Roof Leak Repairs with Insurance

Will Insurance Cover My Roof Repair?

If your roof is leaking and you have home insurance, a lot of the policies offered today will cover the water damage and roof leak repair. Unless the damage is as a result of negligence on the home owners side.

Home insurance cover you for sudden or unexpected events. Hail damage, storm damage, lightning damage, floods, burglary damage and so on. They do not cover you for gradual deterioration or lack of maintenance.

Roof RepairsTips On How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Leak Repairs & Resultant Damage:

  • Make Sure You Know What Your Insurance Coverage Is.
  • Document the Damage and Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately.
  • Source A Reputable Roof Repair Company.
  • Take the Necessary Steps in Your Roof Replacement Claim As Advised By Insurance.
  • Contact Apex Waterproofing For Your Repair and Replacement Needs.

What happens if I don’t use my insurance money to fix my roof?

Some home insurance companies will pay you the money instead of paying the roof repair contractor directly. You can keep the money if you want. However, you won’t be covered for any further water damage. Additionally, your insurance company may not renew your cover contract. Please note, it is illegal to deceive an insurance company.

Moral of the story; make sure your roof is inspected annually. Roof repairs and maintenance are a lot more affordable than roof replacements.

Roof Leak Repair With Apex Waterproofing

With Apex Waterproofing, we guarantee premium roof repair solutions. Our highly trained roof inspection team will arrange an on-site inspection at a time that suits you. Thereafter, you will be sent the relevant quotation and/or report on your roof’s current condition and the necessary maintenance that needs to be done.

Do you have questions regarding your roof? Get in touch with the our professional roof maintenance team today!

Will insurance cover rising damp?

Is Rising Damp Covered By Insurance?

Is rising damp covered by insurance policies? The short answer, no. Damp or condensation damage is not ordinarily covered by home insurance. When you apply for home insurance, you need to agree to a list of assumptions. One of the assumptions you need to make is that you agree your home is in a ‘good condition’. Therefore, if your home has rising damp, it is recognised as ‘not in good condition’, leading you to invalidating your insurance.

Some insurers offer specific cover for rising damp treatment. Others also offer a more comprehensive cover which includes rising damp.

Why Won’t My Insurance Cover Rising Damp?

When you submit a claim to your insurance, the claim implies that the damage was sudden or unforeseen. How

rising damp

ever, rising damp occurs over a period of time. Thus, the defect was caused by design or defective workmanship.

Damp is usually associated with poor waterproofing or defective damp proofing course. Therefore, if you submit a claim stating that the cause of loss is “damp”, you can expect your insurer to reject the claim. Purely because the loss occurred has been over time or that the loss was a result of wear and tear or defective waterproofing rather than storm, flood or bursting as is expected.

Rising damp treatment is not a cheap treatment and is intrusive to home owners or building occupants. It creates a large amount of dust and rubble as it includes hacking, drilling and chopping. The scope of work for rising damp treatment is always included in our quotations to the client. Therefore, you are aware of the mess it can make in the beginning. However, our damp team always clean up afterwards of course.

Do you have any more questions on rising damp treatment? Get in touch with our professional damp team today! They will answer any questions you may have.

roof maintenance

The Importance Of Proper Roof Maintenance

The Importance Of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance should be every building owner’s priority. Waterproofing materials can not last indefinitely. Additionally, if the current waterproofing is not care for and maintenance, its life expectancy will be drastically reduced. 

South African climate is harsh. We experience tremendous changes in temperature. We sometimes experience high quantities of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, a long with strong winds and heavy rain or hail storms. Thus, regular attention to all exposed roof waterproofing systems is a must. Although, often overlooked. 

This responsibility should lie not only with the building owner but also with the original waterproofing contractor committed to advising the building owner when his roof maintenance is due. This regular maintenance extends the life of the system whether under guarantee or not.roof maintenance

Although some waterproofing manufacturers of bituminous membranes state it is not necessary to apply any protective coating to their membranes,  the norm is to initially apply at least one if not two coats of bituminous aluminium paint. The location of the roof will depend on how often a maintenance repaint is required.

In an industrial area where there is a lot of pollution, it might be necessary to repaint every one to two years.

Whereas in more rural areas, every four to five years might suffice. However, the industry ‘norm’ is every three years.

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