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Roof painting plays an important role in extending the lifespan of your roof. They are specifically designed to protect your roof and give it a fresh and new appeal.
We offer roof spray painting for all residential, commercial and industrial buildings for almost any type of roof.

Why Choose Apex Waterproofing For Your Roof Painting?

  • We are committed to excellent service.
  • Our roof painting projects only include top quality materials.
  • We own airless paint spray machines to ensure your project is completed quickly and with minimal wastage.
  • Our airless spray machines also ensure an even coat every time.
  • We rated one of the best contractors in South Africa, proudly based in Johannesburg.

Roof Painting

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    Why Is Roof Painting Important?

    Roof painting plays an important role in extending the lifespan of your roof. However, should you use the incorrect product, it will cause detrimental damage and your roof will need to be replaced. We have unfortunately had to replace a few clients’ roofs due to this. They were recommended a product by a 3rd party contractor. The product was applied and it caused severe leaks throughout the house.

    Nonetheless, our professional team only offer tailor-made roof painting solutions. Therefore, you are guaranteed quality work with quality materials every time.

    Roof colour makes a difference to the look and style of your home or commercial property, and how well it retains and reflects heat.

    Our roof coatings are done by means of airless spray. Thus, reducing the time spent painting by up to 90% making it more cost effective.

    Another great benefit to roof painting is it is aesthetically appealing. If you are looking at putting your home or office on the market, a new fresh roof paint job will give the entire building a new and modern feel to it.


    What Colour Roof Paint Do You Offer?

    We have dozens of roof colours you get to choose from. Below are just a few colours you get to choose from:

    Roof Painting Colours

    Roof Painting Preparation

    Preparing your roof for a fresh coat of paint is an absolute must! If you do not properly prepare the roof, there is a high chance the paint will not bond with the roof. Thus, the coating will flake off. Not to mention that you will have a large amount of dirt and debris that will be caught in the roof coating. Therefore causing the paint to look tatty and unappealing.

    Our Roof Preparation Procedure:

    • Investigate roof and chip off any unwanted paint mess, mortar or any other foreign objects.
    • Wash down roof with a high pressure washer to remove all loose dirt and debris.
    • Rust wash the entire roof area to ensure no further rusting (metal roof painting only).
    • Remove all vehicles and equipment within close proximity to the roof to ensure no over spray. We are flexible with our time so if you would prefer for us to paint your roof during the evening or on weekends, let us know.
    • Ensure all gutters and down pipes are unblocked to create easy flow of water.
    • Paint the entire roof area with the first coat of paint.
    • Allow at least 12 hours to dry and set prior to applying the second coat of roof paint.

    Do You Have Questions?

    We are happy to give advice where needed. Our clients are our number one priority. Therefore, we like to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the scope we offer for your roof painting, as well as the final result. Give us a call should you have any questions.