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We offer affordable, long-lasting waterproofing solutions to help protect your property investment.

What Is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a system used to prevent water and moisture damage to your property. Waterproofing applications in Sandton provide protection to your property investment. Therefore, ensuring that your property lasts a lifetime and the structure remains intact and leak free! Not what you’re looking for? Head back to our Home page for more services. Additionally, contact us on our contacts page.

Waterproofing Sandton

Waterproofing in Sandton. Our professionals repair, refurbish and waterproof your existing roof.

Our team have the necessary waterproofing skills and specialised equipment to handle any water ingress situation in Sandton whereby you may require a professional waterproofer.
If you have waterproof membrane installed and it has become damaged then you are at risk of serious costly repairs. Your overall roof structure is at risk if membrane becomes damaged. Damp and mould will also become a problem due to the excess moisture.

Looking after your roof should be every home owner’s priority. Therefore, detecting leak problems early will save you a lot of money in expensive repairs and possibly replacements.

Call our professional waterproofing team today if you are experiencing a roof leak, broken roof tiles or damaged roof. Not only are we reliable but we are extremely affordable as well. Get in touch with our Apex team today for a free quote!