These are questions we have been asked regarding waterproofing

Can you do your own waterproofing?

Certainly! You can do anything if you put your mind to it. However, we do recommend you leave it to the professionals. Waterproofing requires vast knowledge in roof types, waterproofing products (and compatibility) and the various systems available. There are thousands of waterproofing products on the market.

How much does waterproofing cost?

Again, this depends on the size of the area and what you are trying to waterproof. Basement waterproofing is probably the most expensive area to waterproof as it is high risk and normally very complex. Followed by balcony decks, concrete slabs and tiled roofs.

How do you waterproof a roof?

Well I am going to answer your question with another questions – What roof type are you wanting to waterproof? Tiled roof, concrete roof, metal roof, slate roof? Send us an inquiry and we can send through a scope of work for you to follow to waterproof your roof.

What materials are used for waterproofing?

This depends on what waterproofing system is being installed. Mostly, waterproofing includes reinforced torch on waterproofing membrane, polyester membrane, polypropylene membrane, acrylic waterproofing, bituminous aluminium coating, cementitious waterproofing, double layer foil underlay, roof paint and so on.

Which is the best waterproofing?

In our opinion, the best waterproofing system is a dual reinforced torch on membrane. The torch on system is one of the oldest, most tried and tested waterproofing systems with a track record spanning decades. It can be used for numerous different applications and comes with guarantees from 10 to 15 years. Newer waterproofing technologies have come and gone over the years, yet the torch on system is still very much in use world wide.