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As a leading waterproofing contractor in Johannesburg – We have the necessary skills, methods, products and the experience to ensure that you get the very best water ingress solution and service for all your waterproofing needs.

One of the most important contractors to have on board your project is the waterproofing and damp contractor.

Apex Waterproofing provides expert waterproofing solutions for your residential, commercial or industrial property. Additionally, we offer a variety of other services such as damp proofing, roof repairs, roof painting and other specialized waterproofing services. Therefore, making us your preferred choice for all your water ingress issues.

Waterproofing Contractors

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    We Are Approved Applicators For Derbigum and Aquagard Waterproofing Solutions. Additionally, we are proud members of PRAWA.


    There is no such thing as quick fixes, patch jobs or shortcuts at Apex. These only leave your home or business premises vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, we only offer quality belts and braces solutions!

    Apex Waterproofing ensures that your property is fully waterproofed using sophisticated technology and quality products. Waterproofing systems and methods have advanced dramatically over the years. Therefore, Apex Waterproofing has aligned to keep up to date with these changes and are able to offer the most advanced waterproofing systems available.


    Reliable Waterproofing Contractors in Johannesburg at Affordable Rates.

    We are the best waterproofing contractors, Damp proofing and Roof Repairs Contractors in Johannesburg, Gauteng. The footings and foundation of your home can become permanently damaged if exposed to water. Therefore, costing you a lot of money to repair.

    Extend the longevity of your property by working with one of the best waterproofing contractors in Johannesburg. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and are accredited waterproofers for all Commercial & Residential requirements.


    Apex Waterproofing is a Johannesburg based Waterproofing, Damp Proofing and Roof Repairs company. With the majority of our business in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

    We have established ourselves as leaders in premium waterproofing solutions. Additionally, we have made a name for ourselves with our roof repair services and damp proofing within the residential, commercial and industrial property sectors.

    Waterproofing Remains Important To Prevent Costly Repairs

    The only way to waterproof your home against water damage is to work with professional waterproofing contractors in Johannesburg. Hence the importance of employing only experienced, established waterproofing companies.

    There is no substitute for waterproofing your home against the damage that moisture, water and humidity can bring. Therefore, work with experienced service providers who are specialists in delivering the solutions you are after. Rest assured that you really are getting the very best value for money available.


    We Provide Waterproofing For The Following:

    specialised waterproofing contractors

    Furthermore, we also specialise in damp proofing, roof coatings and painting and other specialized waterproofing systems.


    Signs You Need To Call A Professional Waterproofing Contractor

    Water damage can be a problem that doesn’t truly reveal itself until it’s too late. Thus, look out for the following signs that your home needs waterproofing:

    • Odours – It always pays to trust your own nose. Therefore, if you smell damp/wet or musty smell, you may have mould growth.
    • Dampness – If you notice or feel that your carpets, wall paper, skirtings or ceilings feel damp, it might be because of a larger water ingress issue.
    • Mildew And Mould – Mould is normally found on ceilings, in corners of rooms or at the base of any wall.
    • Water Marks Down The Wall – You may think your roof is not leaking because you don’t physically see any leaks. But, if you put your eye parallel to your home walls, you may find streaks of water marks of where there has been drops running down your walls.
    • Cracked or ‘ Dry Mud’ Waterproofing – Torch on waterproofing tends to crack when it has reached the end of it’s life span. A good quality torch on waterproofing membrane should have a life span of no less than 10 years.
    • Cracked or Loose Roof Tiles – Cracked tiles or incorrectly sealed roof ridges are your biggest enemy when it comes to roof leaks. Therefore, if you notice any crack or loose tiles, please contact us for a quick inspection and repair.

    Call Our Waterproofing Contractors

    Whether you are waterproofing a basement, a balcony, a fish pond or a 10,000 sqm roof. Our waterproofing contractors team pride themselves on our exceptional product range and service delivery. Additionally, offering competitive prices in the industry. Furthermore, we issue waterproofing guarantee certificates which are accepted by Insurance Companies. Get in contact with us today!