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As specialised boarded waterproofing contractors in Johannesburg, we offer quality waterproofing solutions for your water ingress problems. We are professional boarded roof waterproofing experts that offer affordable and long lasting solutions.

What Is A Boarded Roof Waterproofing System?

A boarded roof system is a cost effective waterproofing system used in the refurbishment of flat roofing issues. Roofing structures that are of a low pitch or have very little run-off are generally in need of a board waterproofing system in order to allow proper water flow.

Wooden pressed boards are secured to the existing IBR / Corrugated iron roof using flat head roofing screws and nylon washers, creating a “flat roof surface”. Thereafter, we install  4mm torch-on waterproofing membrane.

Features And Benefits Of Boarded Roof Systems

  • Ten year guarantee.
  • Total lifespan exceeds 25 years.
  • Complete watertight system.
  • Ultra violet resistant.
  • Excellent insulation against heat, sound and dust.
  • Decrease in heating and cooling costs.
  • Flame spread reduction in case of fire.
  • Rot, mould and rust proof.
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish.

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    Our boarded roof waterproofing systems adhere to all building regulations stipulated in SANS 10400. Additionally, our system includes insulation as well.

    Our Boarded Roof Waterproofing System Specification

    We clean and dry the roof surface area.

    We supply and fit a 25 mm insulation 16 DV (Density Volume) Multi-Board to the existing roof. Thereafter, we supply and fit a 3,2 mm masonite boards.

    These boards are fastened into the existing metal sheeting using our comprehensive flat headed screws and nylon washer system designed exclusively for this system. The multi-board is then primed prior to the installation of the 4mm torch on waterproofing membrane.

    We seal the waterproofing membrane onto boards by torch on fusion. Overlaps will be 100 mm and 100 mm cross-laps as per specification. The waterproofing membrane is cut, sealed into outlets and around protrusions.

    Thereafter, we apply specialised bituminous aluminium. This coating offers several advantages to conventional aluminium paint such as UV stability and longevity.

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