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Roof leak repairs in Dunkeld – This is a problem that many people face at least once in their lifetime. A leaking roof which has the potential to develop into an absolute nightmare!

Severe interior damage as well as structural damage will occur from a roof leak. This may come in the form of damaged plaster, mould growth, rotten ceiling boards and severe structural weakness. Worse still, these water ingress problems can linger long after the roof repair has been done.

Roof Leak Repairs in Dunkeld

The first point of action is to call our professional roof leak repair team in Dunkeld.

Once the inspection has been scheduled, the next challenge is finding the source of the roof leak. In many cases, the water ingress source does not match up with where the leak appears.

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    Tiled Roof Repairs

    Causes Of Tiled Roof Leaks in Dunkeld

    For most cases, tiled roof leaks are formed by the following:

    • Broken Or Cracked Tiles
    • Damaged Roof Ridges Or Missing Ridge Mortar
    • Rotten Brandering
    • Nil Or Inadequately Installed Valley Overflows
    • Damaged Or Nil Roof Flashings or Chimney Flashings
    • No roofing underlay installed
    • Damaged gutters

    Causes Of Metal Roof Leaks in Dunkeld

    Metal roof leaks mainly occur for the following reasons:

    • Missing, Damaged, Rusted Or Inadequately Installed Roofing Screws Or Washers
    • Rust
    • Loose Or Damaged Flashings
    • Damaged Gutters.
    • Missing Or Damaged Waterproofing Membrane

    Metal roofs experience thermal expansion. This occurs when the roof structure (and all materials installed on the roof) experience heat. Thus, causing it to expand. Consequently, when the roof begins to cool again, this causes it to contract.

    Each material type expands and contracts at a set rate peculiar to that material for one degree in material temperature change. This rate is known as the “thermal expansion” coefficient for that material.

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    As experts in roof refurbishments, waterproofing and leaking roof repairs, Apex Waterproofing are highly trained professionals to provide corrugated iron roof waterproofing and IBR roof repairs.

    We take care to properly inspect the roof for leaks, prepare and repair the surrounding walls and roof sheets, and apply/install the necessary materials efficiently.

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