Roof Waterproofing Cost in Gauteng

Roof Waterproofing Cost

Roof Waterproofing cost can vary from an easy R1000 to R100,000 000 depending on several factors. So  let’s narrow this down to home roofs only.

How much can you expect to pay to waterproof your residential roof? We have put together a cost article for you to refer to so you know more or less what to expect to pay for professional roof waterproofing services in Gauteng.

First Things First, What Type Of Roof Do You Have?

The most common residential roof types are tiled roofs, metal roofs and flat roofs.

Tiled Roofs

General scope of work for tiled roof waterproofing (or roof repairs) normally includes:

  1. Caulk loose and missing pointing on roof ridges using latex modified repair mortar.
  2. Install specialised waterproofing system to all joints on roof ridges complete with SBP membrane.
  3. Replace a maximum of 15 broken tiles as supplied by the waterproofing contractor.
  4. Apply 1 coat colour match roof paint to newly waterproofed roof ridges.

This roof waterproofing system can cost between R90 – R135 per meter. Of course this is subject to various factors such as:

  • How steep is the tiled roof?
  • What general condition is the tiled roof in?
  • The larger to roof, the cheaper the cost per meter.
  • Are other roof repair services also required? Ie. barge tile replacement, brandering replacement, roofing underlay installation etc
  • Do you require roof painting as well?
  • Are there any flashing requirements? Ie. replacement, installation, repairs, waterproofing.


Metal Roofs

Metal roof waterproofing cost is definitely not as “general” as tiled roofs. Therefore, it is not as easy to provide a cost for repair. A few factors to consider:

  • Is stripping involved?
  • Are there flashing details that need to be waterproofed, repaired, replaced, installed?
  • What condition is the roof in?
  • Are there roof screws that need to be replaced or tightened?
  • Rust treatment required?
  • How large is the roof area?
  • What slope does the roof have?
  • Roof sheet removal?

Taking all the above into consideration (and the extent of the repairs required) you can work on a cost between R65 and R135 per square meter for metal roof waterproofing.


Flat Roofs

General scope of work for new waterproofing on a flat slab is as follows:

  1. Prime surfaces prior to installation of new specialised torch on waterproofing membrane by means of torch on heat fusion.
  2. Specialised torch on waterproofing membrane to be tucked into outlets, sealed around protrusions and dressed over tops and sides of parapet walls.
  3. Turn ups to perimeters to be 100mm in height and counter flashed using waterproofing membrane.
  4. Apply 1 coat specialised bitumen aluminium paint to newly installed waterproofing.


Based on the above, the cost of your flat slab roof waterproofing can be between R245 – R295 per m².

Of course, this will also be subject to various factors, such as:

  • How large is the roof slab?
  • Is there stripping involved?
  • How accessible is the roof slab?
  • Are there protrusions or obstructions?
  • What condition is the roof in?


Flat Roof Waterproofing Maintenance Cost

Many waterproofing contractors like to charge clients for new waterproofing systems when in fact, the contractor is only maintaining the current waterproofing.

We urge all home and property owners to be mindful of this. You should never pay more than R85 per square meter for waterproofing MAINTENANCE, unless the slab area is less than 10m² or it is a complex maintenance system that requires the removal of obstructions, crusher stone etc.

We hope this roof waterproofing cost article can give you a general idea of what to expect to pay to have your roof maintained and waterproofed. If you have any questions or queries regarding the rates we have stipulated above, please get in touch with our friendly waterproofing representatives and we will try assist you to the best of our ability.