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Apex Waterproofing are metal roof painting contractors in Johannesburg that specialise in coating of metal roofs in a cost effective way. Please contact us if you would like an obligation free quote and roof inspection for painting a metal roof.

As metal roof painting contractors, we have vast experience in painting and sealing metal roofs and improving the lifespan of roofs. Therefore, increasing the resale value of the property and the overall appearance.

Repainting a roof is part of essential roof maintenance to help reduce and repair leaks, which in essence will protect your belongings. Apex Waterproofing has experienced roof painters in their team.

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Choosing A Roof Painting Contractor

As professionals in metal roof painting, our team are trained and experienced in painting and treating your metal roof. Thus, improving the lifespan of your roof.
Painting a roof also increases the resale value of your property and the overall appearance when done professionally and meticulously.

Ensure you research the contractor you wish to contact to provide you with a quote for your roof requirements. Additionally, you can read our article on the Top 5 Questions to ask a roofing and waterproofing contractor.

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    Do Metal Roofs Need To Be Coated?

    Yes. Metal roofs need protection from weather elements. Johannesburg climate is some of the best in the world. However, we can experience all 4 seasons in one day which puts a lot of pressure on our roofs.

    The weather we experience can cause damage over time with rust, broken seals, missing screws and leaks. Repainting a metal roof provides the protection it needs to remain durable and long lasting.

    Metal Roof Painting


    Is your metal roof in need of some repairs or treatment? Or are you simply looking to freshen up your home’s curb appeal by painting the roof? Whatever it is you desire for your metal roof, we are your metal roof painting and coating specialists!

    Metal Roof Preparation

    The preparation of the roof is as important as the painting itself. Our Metal roof preparation includes:

    • Investigate roof and wire brush off any unwanted mortar, old layers of paint or any other foreign objects.
    • Wash down roof with a high pressure washer to remove all loose dirt and debris.
    • Rust wash the entire roof area to ensure no further rusting.
    • Remove all vehicles and equipment within close proximity to the roof to ensure no over spray. We are flexible with our time so if you would prefer for us to paint your roof during the evening or on weekends, let us know.
    • Investigate all gutters, valleys and down pipes and clean if necessary.
    • Paint the entire roof area with the first coat of paint.
    • Allow 12 hours to let the paint dry and set prior to applying the second coat of roof paint.

    Working With Experts In The Industry

    Apex Waterproofing is one of the best contractors in South Africa. With our skills, knowledge and commitment to client service, you are assured to receive the 5 star service people come to expect from us. Don’t believe us? Check out all our reviews on all digital platforms and contact us to receive a list of job references.

    Contact us today to arrange a free inspection and quotation and let’s prove to you why we are one of the best in the business.