Your Leaking Balcony. My Damaged Ceiling.

Who pays for the leaking balcony and damaged caused? Who pays to install the waterproofing? Leaking problems arise very often when a balcony’s waterproofing is damaged or deteriorates. Thus, causing water ingress problems into the apartment below. The question is, who pays for the damage?

leaking balcony

In complex’s and apartment blocks, balcony waterproofing installation is to protect the property underneath each other. Not to benefit the balcony itself. Often the leaking balcony is of no fault to either apartment owners. However, it is often a result of poor work by the developer or building contractor trying to reduce costs at the time of construction.

Defective balcony waterproofing can cause water to seep through screed and slab and into the unit below. Thus, causing damaged ceiling, plaster, paint work and encouraging mould growth. Not to mention the risk of structural collapse.

Leaking Balcony Solution

The solution is to waterproof the balcony. Fixing the leaking balcony includes lifting all the tiles on the balcony floor and walls (if there is a skirting tile). Thereafter, removing the old waterproofing and installing a new torch on waterproofing system. Afterwards, installing new tiles and grouting.

An important factor to keep in mind is the type of slab that the balcony is cast from(Cast-in-situ or block & rib slab). Certain waterproofing systems cannot be used on the block & rib slab system.

Who Covers The Cost Of This Waterproofing?

Unfortunately body corporate do not cover this type of leak. If the apartments are older than 3 – 6 months, the building contractor will not cover it either.

Luckily, the team at Apex Waterproofing offer payment plan options for leaking balcony. We understand the cost is sometimes more than originally planned.

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