Our Partnership with Derbit SA

Derbit Partnership

Derbit SA. Their aim is to be the reference provider of sustainable solutions that safeguard buildings from the elements of nature. A company that has changed the face of waterproofing in South Africa. A company that provides products of only the absolute highest quality. And we are fortunate enough to say we are PROUDLY a Derbit Approved Applicators.

Our Story With Derbit

It all began on a busy waterproofing day when Richie got a phone call from a lady, Carlize, from Derbit SA. She wanted to meet up to discuss their product range. Of course, we had heard of Derbit and Derbigum before, so Richie booked an appointment. Thereafter, our relationship only grew as we order their torch on waterproofing on a weekly basis.

Our waterproofing team (who have dealt with various torch on waterproofing systems over the years) brag to other waterproofing companies how incredible Derbit torch on waterproofing is. The mastic that oozes from the torch on upon heat fusion is something out of a fairy tale waterproofing movie! (Mastic is what helps to secure the torch on to the surface. Lots of sticky mastic = quality waterproofing)

Derbit Torch On Waterproofing

Since Apex Waterproofing’s mission is to offer quality waterproofing services with 5 star client relations, we only use the best of the best. Derbit is considered one of the more expensive waterproofing brand names but they offer incredible quality and durability. If your preferred waterproofing contractor quotes new torch on or torch on maintenance, ask what brand of torch will be used. This is a clear indication of what type of waterproofing service provider you are dealing with.

Derbit’s approved applicator system is by no means easy. It requires project assessments and client follow ups on several different past projects.

We are proud to support them and to be one of the few approved applicators in South Africa.