The Importance Of Proper Roof Maintenance

roof maintenance

The Importance Of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance should be every building owner’s priority. Waterproofing materials can not last indefinitely. Additionally, if the current waterproofing is not care for and maintenance, its life expectancy will be drastically reduced. 

South African climate is harsh. We experience tremendous changes in temperature. We sometimes experience high quantities of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, a long with strong winds and heavy rain or hail storms. Thus, regular attention to all exposed roof waterproofing systems is a must. Although, often overlooked. 

This responsibility should lie not only with the building owner but also with the original waterproofing contractor committed to advising the building owner when his roof maintenance is due. This regular maintenance extends the life of the system whether under guarantee or not.roof maintenance

Although some waterproofing manufacturers of bituminous membranes state it is not necessary to apply any protective coating to their membranes,  the norm is to initially apply at least one if not two coats of bituminous aluminium paint. The location of the roof will depend on how often a maintenance repaint is required.

In an industrial area where there is a lot of pollution, it might be necessary to repaint every one to two years.

Whereas in more rural areas, every four to five years might suffice. However, the industry ‘norm’ is every three years.

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