Tips To Keep Your Roof Safe Against The Rain

Roof Tips

The truth is, extreme weather can prove harmful to your home or office. Therefore, potentially causing short-term and long-term damage. If your building is not prepared, it may accumulate dangerous mould and erosion as well as possible costly damage to its infrastructure.

Tip 1: Check Your Roof

Look for any current damage and check for any areas that look vulnerable to leaks and repair these immediately. Don’t be afraid to chat to us for advice if you do not want to hire a water ingress professional.

Tip 2: Trim Your Plants and Trees Hanging Over Your Roof

Plants and trees with overgrown branches can pose a danger to your home or office. Blocked valleys, blocked gutters and downpipes, mould growth are just some of the problems overgrown trees can create.

Tip 3: Waterproof Your Windows

Check the edges of your window sills to see if they need waterproof sealer. You can conduct a window flood test yourself by spraying your window with water to see if any leaks occur.

Tip 4: Clear Out Your Gutters & Valleys

blocked gutters

It is very important that these are clear in case of heavy rain to prevent flooding and other roof damage. Debris reacts with water to form a sludge in gutters. Not only does this reduce the life of your gutters, but it is also a fire hazard on hot, dry days. Blocked gutters and downpipes are also the perfect spot for nesting insects and rodents.


Tip 5: Inspect Your Chimneys & Skylights

Chimneys, skylights and other protruding roof objects are usually weak points on roofs. Ensure you inspect these areas along with the rest of your roof area.

At some point, sooner or later, you will experience water ingress in your home. Whether it is a roof leak, rising damp, leaking windows or flooding. Identifying a potential problem will save you money and further damage to your home.

Get in touch with our waterproofing professionals should you need any advice on how to keep your home safe against damaging precipitation.